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Australian Owned

3 generations of Potters

30-Day Returns

A new addition to Studio Door.

Everything old is new again.

The story of the 'Gembrook' Collection.

"We grew up with the pottery in our backyard. Dad and mum ran the business from home - the pottery was kind of like one big babysitter to the four of us. Lots of memories from that time....Like the time our brother Bobby asked Darby the thrower if he chewed a lot of gum because he had so many tattoos (back then chewy came with temp tattoos). And the time that Thatcher our pet magpie ran screaming along the length of the factory with her head feathers on fire - because she’d fallen asleep under the kiln, again ... she was fine... so many more, a lifetime of memories."

- Kate Gordon / Creative Director

Every time we see a bit of the old pottery in an antique shop we are reminded of our childhood. ‘Gembrook’ is a hand painted collection, made in our Pakenham factory, that honours that time.

Hand-glazed in our Melbourne Workshop

Each piece in our 'Studio Door' collections has been glazed by hand in our workshop, by Kate and Bel. The glazing process of each piece can take some time, with each pattern or design carefully brushed by hand. Kate Gordon is Robert Gordon’s Creative Director. Having grown up in the business, Kate has over 30 years experience glazing and designing pottery. One of her earliest memories is threading ceramic beads on hanging planters with her Grandma June Dyson - sitting on the wooden steps of June’s studio, while they gossiped about the family and talked about nature. 

Bel is one of our very talented glazers. ⁠Not only has she been with us for many years, but her mother-in-law Sally, and her daughter Hollie, are part of the Robert Gordon family too. Three generations have worked with the pottery, how about that?