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Learn the art of pottery in our relaxed, private studio.

Discover our pottery workshops here at the Melbourne-based Robert Gordon outlet. Whether you're a beginner or looking to sharpen up your technique, our classes are tailored to teach you the skills to help you get started in the pottery world. Our highly experienced potters will guide you step-by-step, teaching you the best techniques and ensuring that you're having fun and feeling creative all throughout.

Meet your teachers


From an early age Narelle has always been interested in different crafts thanks to her creative parents. She specializes in wheel work but over the years has built up respect and appreciation for hand building making her an 'all-rounder' potter. Narelle loves texture and a natural rustic look with old world charm, but also tends to be a sucker for flashes of bright colours.


Peter is an experienced ceramic artist with almost 30 years experience working as a potter in his own studio where he utilises a range of techniques specialising in wheel throwing, handbuilding, woodfiring, and various decoration techniques. He enjoys making functional ware with a Japanese influence.When not working with clay or making sculptures, he is also interested in Photography and Kintsugi and applies these mediums to his ceramic work using various techniques.


Like many, Shona’s journey with clay started in high school. She fell in love with its versatility and tactile nature. 

While Shona primarily prefers the pottery wheel, she also enjoys hand-building and exploring the creative possibilities of shaping clay by hand. Shona is drawn to form and playing around with different clay bodies. 

Above all, Shona loves to share the magic of clay and inspire creativity in others.

Located at 114 Mulcahy Rd Pakenham

Join our workshops solo or alongside friends, family or colleagues as a team-building and bonding experience. As no prior experience is needed, pottery can be a fun and relaxing experience for anyone, making it a perfect activity for when you're looking for something that everybody will enjoy.  Our workshops range from single two-hour classes to six-week workshops and cover a range of skills including wedging clay, making shapes out of clay, wheel throwing, hand-building, painting, glazing and many more.