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Shop firsts, seconds and samples straight from the pottery.

Located right down the back of our shop is our factory, where we produce 300,000+ pieces a year. We employ up to 35 local craftspeople to make and process the pottery. Each member of the workshop team brings invaluable skills to their stations, with some long-term employees contributing 25+ years of experience. A piece of pottery crafted in Pakenham passes through no less than twelve sets of hands. It is due to this hand-crafted nature that variations in glaze, shape, and texture can occur. Anything that we produce that doesn't meet our first quality standards are named as 'seconds' and can be purchased at our storefront for a discounted price. This is a natural occurrence of being a production pottery, and not considered a fault. We hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind imperfections that give any plate, bowl, or mug a touch of character. Follow our Instagram @robertgordonoutlet for a look at what we currently have in-store.


Can seconds be purchased online? 

Good question! Because there are so many unique ways in which our seconds can vary from piece to piece, we believe that it is essential you see for yourself before purchasing.

Learn from experienced potters.

In a relaxed, private studio, you will learn how to centre the clay and make basic wheel thrown shapes. Our 2-hour classes are the perfect introduction to the world of pottery and are designed to segway into our 6-week beginners' course. Come and try your hand at wheel throwing, learn techniques from an experienced potter that will get you started into the pottery world. This class is designed for the beginner, to show you how to centre the clay and make basic wheel thrown shapes. You will have plenty of time to practice on the wheel, making approximately 2 pottery pieces. This class is designed to be a quick introduction into pottery if you are interested you will be able to join our 6-week Beginner classes with confidence.


Nancy Eatery


In November 2020 we welcomed the team from Nancy Eatery to our Pakenham family. They are the sister cafe to Lorna and Maria, both located in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Nancy is a wonderful addition to our outlet, serving up relaxed, home style meals with beautiful coffee.

Please follow @nancyeatery for any updates.