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Studio Door // Orchard Blossom

One from the archives. Welcome back Orchard Blossom 

The latest Robert Gordon collection to come from our Pakenham workshop,  Studio Door is a series of hand crafted, hand painted pieces available as a limited edition. We aim to craft only 50 of each vessel, ensuring that the items remain unique, rare, and one of a kind.

The Orchard Blossom Story

One night, a long, long time ago, in the pottery shed in Gembrook our Dad (Robert) put the finishing touches on what was to become our most famous collection - Orchard Blossom. OB, as she was affectionately known, was the single biggest range we have ever sold.

It was the 1990s and the market just LOVED anything hand-brushed, hand-painted. A juggernaut, a beast, a collectors dream, OB set the world on fire (well in the world of pottery anyway…). Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for us to walk into a friends kitchen and see the ENTIRE sideboard covered in pieces of Orchard Blossom. The recipe for success was really quite simple - a couple of sponges with a peach coloured glaze, expertly curved into a round blossom, a splash of iron, a splash of rutile a bit of scraffiti (for details on the leaves) and hey, presto, there she was. Dad nailed it. That was until the market changed, and consumers no longer wanted little imperfections, hand-paints. Perfection was demanded and plain white, square dinner plates became all the rage. Until Now…
Yes, for a very limited time, we have brought back the OB!! So tell your friends, tell your collector Aunty/Grandma, tell whoever will listen that Robert Gordon, for a very small release/time, has returned Orchard Blossom to it’s rightful home.
See here for the exclusive range >  


Proudly Made in Australia