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Studio Door // Rewilding

Introducing Rewilding - A Studio Door collection


Our inaugural 'Studio Door' collection is centred around the theme of Rewilding.The latest Robert Gordon collection to come from our Pakenham workshop,  Studio Door is a series of hand crafted, hand painted pieces available as a limited edition. We aim to craft only 50 of each vessel, ensuring that the items remain unique, rare, and one of a kind. Inspired by a recent visit to the UK, and the rewilding of public spaces she saw there, designer Kate Gordon has hand-painted a collection of limited-edition pieces that speak to the colours of the Earth and the joy of wild gardens. 


I was particularly taken by the notion of returning urban spaces back to the wild on a visit to the UK. My partner, three kids and I recently travelled to England for a reunion with family. We arrived in June, on a typically beautiful English Summer’s day - soft sun and beautiful blue skies greeted us. On the drive to through the busy streets of Birmingham I was struck by the roundabouts. It sounds silly, to be amazed by something as mundane and boring as a traffic control island but they were spectacular. They were covered in flowers. I had never seen gardens like them, and certainly never before in a busy city. Covered in wildly abandoned flowers, all the colours of the season, the roundabouts whispered a change. No longer were they covered in stuffy, over-considered, old-fashioned rows of flowers, but they were natural and free. Planted like this on purpose, to attract the bees. Incredibly inspiring.



So, this season’s range of pieces is a celebration of the wildly abandoned gardens I saw that summer in England. My hope is that gardens like this continue to grow in cities all over the world, inspiring us and reminding us, that nature is at its best, wild.  Kate Gordon, Creative Director



Kate Gordon is Robert Gordon’s Creative Director. Having grown up in the business, Kate has over 30 years experience glazing and designing pottery. One of her earliest memories is threading ceramic beads on hanging planters with her Grandma June Dyson - sitting on the wooden steps of June’s studio, while they gossiped about the family and talked about nature.

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