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Celebrating IWD with Hannah Gordon

Hannah Gordon, Co Director and Head Stylist at Robert Gordon.

In celebration of International Women's Day this week, we pulled Hannah Gordon aside to hear her thoughts on this special occasion. 

How long have you worked at Robert Gordon for? 

As a kid I grew up around the pottery. Mum and Dad had a small shop and studio where the pottery originally started on the Pack Track in Gembrook. I would try to help out in the shop (probably more a nuisance) I did love making the throwers' peanut butter sandwiches. When the factory grew and moved to Pakenham I always worked school and university holidays. I started full time about 25 years ago after working for Red Earth when I finished uni.

Please describe a typical day at work for you.  

I think when you manufacture you don’t often have a typical day. Working with older machinery and clay there is always a different problem to solve. After I drop my kids off in the morning I get into the office and go through all my emails. Typically, we have some kind of meeting – design and stock forecasting with the team. The highlight of my work day is working with such a great team of people – it sounds cliché but they feel like family and I couldn’t do it without what they do for our business.

Do you think that you work in a male dominated industry? 

Or are there many women working in your field? I am fortunate to work with lots of amazing women here at Robert Gordon. Many balancing the home and work juggle with humour and grace. It would be great to work with more female chefs though. I feel the hospitality industry is very male dominated. 

 What does International Women's Day mean to you? 

 A day to reflect on Women around the world that are not as fortunate as I am. We have a long way to go as a race. Education, discrimination, and violence are fundamental issues.

 You have a daughter Stevie, do you think she will grow up in a different world in which you grew up? 

I hope Stevie’s world is kinder, more understanding and empathetic.

Pick one - Do you have a strong Female role model in your life? Career? What female do you admire? 

My mother Barbara moved across the world for love when she met my Dad Robert in a beer garden in the UK. A quiet achiever, in the background always working hard. Harder than anyone I know. It must have been difficult, four crazy kids. She was always working on new designs and styling the direction for Robert Gordon. Not many people know her story.


Photography: Left Image: Eve Wilson / Right Image: Martina Gemmola