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Barbara Gordon's favourite paint palette


Barbara Gordon's latest watercolours

Historically speaking, our Mum, Barbara, was often the driving force behind the designs here at Robert Gordon. Dad's family is steeped in creative history, with his Mum June becoming a potter in 1945, however, it was our English Mum who designed the collections at the pottery. She was the company's original Creative Director, long before such a job title was given. Mum's English heritage informed most of her designs. From the deep pie dishes to the patterned prints we decalled the pottery with, there was certainly a strong English feel to Robert Gordon's designs. A sense of bravery and playfulness is typical of the style that Mum created. 

These days, Mum has retired from life at the pottery and has started to immerse herself in the world of watercolours. Her love of colour and her incredible eye for detail continues on in some of her latest works. She has enjoyed using the paint palette with a fine brush to execute her latest watercolours. Crafted from high fired stoneware, the paint palette could have multiple uses; for storing jewellery, small earrings, pins, or even using as a make-up mixing plate. Designed for multiple uses, the slightly sloping profile and sharp edges are perfect for draining your brush. Shop our ceramic paint palette here