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Art Series Mug - By Robert Gordon

Introducing - Art Series Mugs


Introducing the Art Series Mug designed by Robert Gordon (aka Dad).⁠ Dad's first love has always been painting. He grew up in an intensely creative environment. His mum June Dyson was a potter first, but also came from a long line of artists. Her father was a famous poet, Edward Dyson. Her mother a musician. She was surrounded by family who either wrote, or painted, or illustrated. Her uncle, Will Dyson was Australia's first war artist. He went on to marry Ruby Lindsay, sister to famous artist Norman Lindsay. Growing up, Grandma was immersed in the very early Australian art scene. ⁠

Art is in our family's history, in our blood, part of who we are. Dad is no exception. He has always painted, and since winding down from the pottery recently, he has returned with a vengeance. Most days, you will find Dad painting in his studio in Gembrook, where these series of photos were taken.⁠ 

These mugs are an ode to Dad's first love. They are an exceptional piece - unlike anything on the market. They are hand painted on bone china. Each mug is painted with an expressive brushstroke. The outside is left raw and polished so the texture is smooth. No two are alike. A truly creative mug, one set to become your favourite. ⁠

Most days you can find Dad locked away in his (very messy/creative) studio.  To do what you love every day, even for just a little bit, is very important for your soul. ⁠